Barista Skills Foundation

Barista Skills Foundation

Introduce core barista skills to people with no previous barista experience. Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar, able to simply calibrate the grinders and make an espresso and cappuccino to core standards.

Course Outline

  • Understanding of the flavours differences between Arabica &
  • Identify the main parts of a grinder and the effects of dosing and tamping to
  • Identify the main parts of an espresso machine and demonstrate the steps for espresso extraction.
  • Basic understanding on the sensory qualities of under-extracted, over-extracted and ideal espresso.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate techniques for milk frothing and latte art pouring
  • Demonstration of good techniques for preparing and serving espresso and
  • Understanding of the importance of bar hygiene, safety and

Course Requirements and Fees

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Fee: S$ 490.50
  • Pre-requisites: Introduction to Coffee is a recommended but not mandatory pre-requisite module.

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