Traditional Coffee - 9kg

Traditional Coffee - 9kg

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Sipping on a cup of traditional coffee is an uniquely South-east Asian enjoyment – particularly popular amongst Singaporeans. This humble brew of coffee roasted with caramel sugar and margarine, often served up with condensed milk and sugar, cuts across all lines of race, class and ethnicity. Santino has our beginnings in this richly historical (and meaningful) beverage.

Roasting and blending our traditional coffee and tea since 1978, Santino retains the best practices of traditional preparation methods. Our traditional coffee is blended and roasted fresh daily – and so is our tea; coffee brewed from Santino Traditional Coffee is fragrant and full-bodied – the perfect companion to a breakfast of eggs and kaya toast!

Need help putting up a coffee and tea bar in your kopitiam? Or a patient, step-by-step guidance in brewing that delicious cup of kopi-C siew dai, and more? Look to us – we’re happy to share! Ask us about our Traditional Coffee and MAPLE™ Tea Dust today!

历史悠久的传统咖啡是东南亚最受欢迎的日常饮料。自1978年以来,Santino累计了多年的烘烤经验。成功的配制出独 特的传统咖啡粉,成为本地与海外咖啡市场的主要供应商。同时,我们也研发出特别配方的优质茶粉供应市场。欢迎各界来电询问。