Santino Coffee Academy

As the best one-stop shop coffee solutions provider in Singapore for 40 years, Santino Coffee Academy has been established since 2014 to conduct more professional barista training courses to our customers and public on the purpose of education. Our academy mission is to popularize the specialty coffee culture and we believe that everyone deserves a good cup of coffee every day. In current, we have provided Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified courses, SkillsFuture Credit Coffee Courses and In-house coffee classes. At the same time, we provide corporate coffee training and competition coaching as well. We aim to lead our students to international specialty coffee standards. 


In House Latte Art Fundamental Class

  • Learn about the basics of espresso extraction and milk frothing
  • Introduction to basic latte art pouring technique for heart, tulip & rosetta.
  • Practice Session

    Duration: 3 hours
    Pre-requisites: None
    Minimum Class Size: 3 Pax


Introduction To Coffee - SCA Certified Course

Learn about coffee’s journey from its origin in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries to the grading, roasting, and brewing proccesses, this module provides an overview of the coffee value chain.

  • Understanding the difference between specialty and commercial coffee.
  • Learn of coffee's historical development and the main coffee species.
  • Awareness of the main processing methods of coffee and the related flavours derived.
  • Brief introduction to the roasting process and brewing equipment.
  • Learn of the basic practices to brewing coffee and common coffee drinks.

Duration: 5 hours
Pre-requisites: None
Minimum class size: 4 pax


SCA Barista Skills Foundation

This course aims to introduce core barista skills to those with no previous barista experience. Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar and how to perform calibration on the grinders. Pull your espresso and milk froth up to the industry standard

  • Differentiating the flavors between Arabica & Robusta.
  • Identify the main parts of a grinder and the effects of dosing and tamping to extraction.
  • Identify the main parts of an espresso machine and demonstrate the steps for espresso extraction.
  • Basic understanding on the sensory qualities of under-extracted, over-extracted and ideal espresso.
  • Demonstrate of the techniques for milk frothing and latte art pouring 
  • Demonstration of the proper preperation of espresso and cappuccino.
  • Understanding of the importance of bar hygiene, safety and organization.

Duration: 8 hours
Pre-requisites: Introduction to Coffee is a recommended but not mandatory pre-requisite module.

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

This level is suitable for candidates with a firm knowledge of the basic skills. It is designed to test key core and more advanced skills and understanding. Graduating students should be able to dial in a brew recipe, make a full range of drinks with quality and speed, as well as understand the basic requirements for customer service and maintenance.

  • Awareness of different processing methods and the impact of process to coffee flavours.
  • Analysis of the layout of key equipment, accessories and ingredients.
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different types of grinder.
  • Basic understanding on espresso calibration and the effect of shot lengths to extraction and body.
  • Understanding of composition of milk and how different milk alternatives foam differently.
  • Learn about basic latte art pattern and espresso drinks preparation.

Duration: 12 hours (in 2 days)
Pre-requisites: Introduction to Coffee and Barista Skills Foundation are recommended but not mandatory pre-requisite module. Students who do not possess the certificate of Barista Skills Foundation need to go through a practical assessment to enrol.

SCA Barista Skills Professional

Deesigned for professional baristas who are seeking to pursue specialist knowledge at a higher level, this course is designed to test advanced skills and detailed knowledge of the science behind processes used. Graduating students will have a detailed understanding of their ingredients and of the techniques available to maximise the quality of the drinks made. They should be able to manage the skills of others to produce quality drinks and provide excellent customer service. A higher level of equipment maintenance to ensure continued quality would also be expected of them.

  • Awareness of roasting level of coffee and the related contribution to flavour.
  • Understanding of how changes in brewing parameters affect flavour from differing varieties, origins, processes and roasts.
  • Evaluation of various grinder features and different types of burrs.
  • Evaluation of latest features on espresso machines and extraction measurement tools.
  • Demonstration of advanced latte art pattern and good techniques for improving micro-foam

Duration: 16 hours (in 2 days)
Pre-requisites: Holding the Barista Skills Intermediate Certification is a mandatory requirement.

Handbrew Coffee Fundamental Class

  • Introduction to the brewing equipment: V60
  • Learn about the brewing procedure and having demonstration in class.
  • Know about the effect of general brewing variables on coffee flavour.
  • Practice session
  • Free 100g of coffee beans and enjoy 10% discount on coffee beans and brewing equipment on the spot

Duration: 3 hours
Pre-requisites: None
Minimum Class Size: 3 Pax

Handbrew Coffee Advanced Class

  • Introduction to the brewing equipment: Aeropress & Syphon.
  • Learn about the brewing procedures of two brewing equipment and having demonstration in class.
  • Explore the effect of brewing variables on coffee flavour by using these two brewing equipment.
  • Practice and coffee sharing session
  • Free 100g of coffee beans and enjoy 10% discount on coffee beans and brewing equipment on the spot

Duration: 6 hours
Pre-requisites: The candidates need to have brewing experience
on handbrew coffee.
Minimum Class Size: 2 Pax

What are our Students Saying

Reviews from past students

Great class, really had a good insight for coffee. A great crash course for a person who enjoys coffee!

Monica Lim


Great course which preps me for the cafe I'm opening next year. Would love to send all our baristas for the professional classes.

Chloe Lee


Had a great time bonding with my friends over the private class for us. Moreover, it was skillsfuture claimable. We had a good time.

Lim Pei Qin